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Paper Mill Cyclone Pipe Coating in Malaysia


Case study APAC0026 – Chesterton products – Chesterton ARC Industrial Coatings


One of our clients in Malaysia was suffering from extreme wear in their Cyclone pipe due to abrasive material flow. With 24-hour operation, the existing competitor coating failed within three months. Chesterton expert applied Chesterton ARC BX1 and ARC SD4i, and after a shutdown inspection after 6 months of operation, the coating still looked almost like new. The customer was very satisfied and will be sending more Cyclone pipes our way for repair and maintenance.

Products featured in this case study:


Chesterton ARC SD4i


The internal surface of a Cyclone (Cleaner cone) pipe experienced extreme wear due to abrasive medium flow. 24 hours operation of abrasive and slurry medium containing scrap pulp, and metal stapler bullets caused the existing competitor coating to fail within 3 months. The goal was to achieve a pump life of more than three months, without service or maintenance.

Before coating.



We applied Chesterton ARC BX1 and SD4i.


Trowel-grade coating for coarse-particle, severe-sliding wear designed to:
• Protect areas exposed to sliding abrasion
• Resurface damaged metal in lieu of more traditional weld overlays

Sprayable, ceramic-reinforced coating designed to:
• Protect against corrosion and erosion
• Provide extended protection in aggressive chemical immersion services

Surface preparation with grit blasted to SA 2.5 and 75-125 mil angular profile.

ARC IBX1 used to rebuild the thickness and to fill in the uneven surface. SD4i used as finishing/top coat.


Client Reported

Customer had a shutdown inspection after 6 months in service, and the coating appearance is almost like new. Will inspect again for the next shutdown, however, it is expected that the coating will last more than 12 months. Customer is very satisfied with Chesterton coating performance and will send more cyclone cones for repair and to apply the Chesterton coating.

New coating, Chesterton combination.

After six months of use, coating still in good condition.

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Case Number APAC0025 – Issued 05/21

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