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Lubrication Solutions for Electric Motors in Cooling Towers Without Down Time


SKL Maintenance Systems Corporation case study APAC0014 – Chesterton products – Chesterton Industrial Lubricants




For working businesses that require mechanical equipment to function, downtime can be the biggest danger when faced with faulty parts. When this client faced dislodging and dislocation issues with their electric motors in cooling towers due to under-lubrication, Chesterton was able to suggest the Chesterton® Lubri-Cup™ EM which has the ability to independently release lubricant to keep parts running smoothly without manual application, reducing downtime.

Products featured in the case study:

Chesterton Lubri-Cup™ EM


The electric motors in cooling towers always faces problems with bearing dislodged/dislocated during operation. When this happens, they need to shut down the unit and wait for days before it get fixed. They manually lubricate the bearing once a month using High-Temperature Specialty Grease.

Bearing failure is costly and when the equipment is down, it affects their daily operation.

Installation of Lubri-Cup™ EM


Chesterton® Lubri-Cup™ EM was installed using two divider blocks attached with a hose to pass the grease. They decided to install Lubri-Cup™ EM mounted to the wall within their reach for safety purposes and easy monitoring. After a month of using Lubri-Cup™ EM, there is  no report of bearing dislodge/dislocation failure, bearing is well lubricated, and equipment runs smoothly and continuously 24 hrs a day.

Using two 2-points divider block attached with a hose to pass the grease


Increased Reliability

Chesterton® Lubri-Cup™ EM has been providing the client with the following benefits since its installation.

  • Cost-effective
  • Prevents over-greasing and under greasing
  • User-friendly that allows easy monitoring because of its large LCD screen.
  • The replaceable service packs with Chesterton’s industrial greases offer extended bearing life and reliability even the harshest conditions offload, temperature, water and corrosion.

Filter Regulator Lubricator with 652 PLC in the Diverter Flap Damper


The client was able to save approx $4,500 AUD over the installation period of this product, and had no bearing failure, with lower costs and maintenance needs.

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SKL Maintenance Systems Corporation
Exclusive Distributor of Chesterton products – Philippines

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Case Number APAC0014 – Issued 09/20

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