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Low E Packing 1622 Applied to Emission Issues


Case study APAC0023 – Chesterton products – Chesterton Packing




With new national standards for emissions in China, our refinery client was desperately searching for a way to bring their operations up to scratch. Their previous packing solution could let out more than 8000PPM leakage and it was their goal to reduce this down to below 100PPM. With the help of the Chesterton team and the Chesterton® Low E Packing 1622, they were able to sufficiently reduce their emissions by close to 40 times at a new 50PPM after several months of operation.

Products featured in the case study:

Chesterton 1622



A leading refinery in China was trying to bring emission and safety to the new national standards. The leakage of their current packing solution can be up to more than 8000PPM. The VOC control committee worked together with their operations team to have us do a pilot at their low-pressure polyethylene unit, and the medium was hexane.

Root Cause

Packing was deforming under  and unable to control leakage.


Increase the emission control to below 100PPM.



Chesterton 1622 packing was installed in 22 valves following our installation procedure.

Packing installation configuration

Chesterton 1622


Chesterton 1622 achieves very low emission, less than 50PPM after several months of operation. The average leakage was reduced by close to 40 times.

Besides significantly reducing the VOC impact on environment, low leakage also directly improves the savings by reducing the product leakage waste.

Chesterton 1622 guarantees low emissions

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Case Number APAC0023 – Issued 10/20

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