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Jet Fuel valve and sump pit repair



Jet Fuel Control Valves at Manila International Airport are installed in underground chambers where rainwater and run-off water can fill up inside the chamber, causing the cast iron valve body to rust over time. This results in a potential for rust to erode the housing and create a fuel leak.

Root Cause
Ingress of water and poor quality of coating to protect the valve body.
Extend the life of the valves by protecting the body against contaminated water.

Fuel Valve Before Coating


After sandblasting the valve and pit walls, the inspection revealed no damage to the metal parts. Therefore, two coats of ARC 855 were applied.

The concrete walls of the pit / sump were coated with ARC 797 / CS4 to protect against water penetration and potential corrosion of the reinforcement.

After seven years, the coating is still in excellent condition, with only one need for some cleaning.

ARC 855
100% solids, ceramic reinforced, thin film coating to protect metal against chemicals and corrosion.

ARC 797
100% Solids, low viscosity, fast penetrating, modified epoxy primer sealer.

100% solids, highly chemical resistant and wear resistant, low viscosity, thin film 100% Novolac epoxy.

Chesterton ARC 855


Client Reported
Very happy with the result – five valves and sump pits were coated, and all are in excellent condition after seven years in service.

This was a preventative maintenance operation to ensure that the valve bodies did not leak due to water erosion over time. If the valve and pit were left as it is, the valve would need to be replaced within two years (giving a total of 5 years of life). Thanks to the application of ARC coating, it is estimated that the valves will not need an overhaul for another five years (giving a total of 16 years of life).

Fuel Valve After ARC 855 coating

Fuel Valve AFTER 7 years

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