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Increasing safety measures in oil applications


The end user has been utilizing “creeping oil” as a penetrating oil in both low and high- temperature offshore platform applications such as vessel cover plate bolts and steam spool replacement bolts. However, concerns have arisen regarding safety issues, including skin irritation and aspiration hazards. The low flash point of the existing “creeping oil” (55.5ºC) was a fire hazard particularly during hot bolting where temperatures can reach 62ºC. As a result, a study has been conducted to identify alternative solutions with safer contents and higher flash points.

Disassembled Offshore Spool


As an alternative and improved solution, Chesterton 650AML was offered to the end user. 650 is a biodegradable low viscosity, ester fluid with no solvents. This product boasts a high flash point of 211ºC, biodegradable contents, and provides superior penetrating power. A feasibility study, technical discussion, and trial were conducted in 2021. The end user was pleased with the trial results, leading to the adoption of 650AML as a stock item for their hot bolting process.

650 AML provided under trial.


More about the Chesterton 650 AML:

  • NSF Registered H1
  • Environmentally safe ester technology; biodegradable
  • Low mist hazard, low odor
  • Self-cleaning, removes residue and sticky build up


By switching to Chesterton 650AML as their penetrating oil for hot bolting, the end user can now work with peace of mind and without concerns about potential flammability issues. Additionally, the use of 650AML eliminates skin irritation and aspiration hazards. Further, being food safe, non-toxic it was suitable for Marine use.

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