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Increasing equipment reliability in tyre factory


Solenoid valves are critical to the smooth running of Bag-O-Matic tyre positioning arms in a Tyre mould press. However, after every shutdown period, the valves were found to be sticking due to varnishing of the existing VG32 hydraulic oil used as pneumatic lubrication. The customer had to stop production in order for the solenoids to be cleaned out and occasionally changed to a new one. The solenoids are subject to dusty environments and are regularly cycling. The plant has 250 BOM Curing machines and change 400 solenoid valves per year. This was deemed to be acceptable practice, so the plant was reluctant to change the process. Then as production losses continued to mount, something had to be done.


Solenoid Valve of BOM Curing Machine


The Chesterton 652 Pneumatic Lubricant & Conditioner was poured into the solenoids oil cup. Due to the penetration and cleaning ability of 652, it can provide a lubricating, clean film inside the valve without varnishing the insides of the valve. The plant undertook a 1 month trial and found that no valves became troublesome, so the decision was made to use 652 continuously.

More about the Chesterton 652 Pneumatic Lubricant & Conditioner:

  • ​Eliminate sticky sludge buildup
  • Conditioners inhibit seals and O-Rings from drying out
  • Significantly reduces power consumption
  • Displaces in-line moisture

Using Chesterton 652 Pneumatic Lubricant
with FRL Unit


After using 652 for 1 year, the plant only needed to change 40 solenoid valves. Moreover, they have found that the 40 solenoid valves had unrelated issues and presented no sticking issues and remained lubricated with no varnish present.

Current lube cost = USD 2,000/year
Repair cost = USD 130 / each

Solenoid valve = 20 Ea. / 6 months = 40 Ea./year

Cost of Repair = USD 5,200 /year

Total Cost = USD 7,200/year

Total Saving = USD 45,145 per year

After using 652 PL&C the equipment has more reliability

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