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Increasing equipment reliability in textile factory


A leading manufacturer of polyester fiber encountered a significant issue due to the buildup of scale in several heat exchangers and condenser tubes. The inability to maintain proper process temperature slowed production and created defective product. As a result of this problem, they experienced a breakdown and were required to halt their production process for two days.

Downtime for 2 days = $1,300,000

Condenser before cleaning.


A “Clean In Place” operation was the only viable solution. The customer opted for Chesterton 338 Super Rust Remover. The 338 diluted with water at a ratio of 1:10 was circulated through the piping and condenser system for 2 hours. 338 is mild and contains corrosion inhibitors. This was preferred as the plant preferred not to use a strong acid cleaner

More about the Chesterton 338 Super Rust Remover:

  • Can be used on all metals
  • Removes metal oxide layer
  • Leaves metal paint-ready
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-flammable

After cleaning with Chesterton 338 Super Rust Remover


The use of the Chesterton 338 Super Rust Remover resulted in:

Increased Reliability
The utilization of Chesterton 338 Super Rust Remover has resulted in increased equipment reliability and prevented breakdowns.

Total Savings
338 Super Rust Remover $3,200.00

Labor $600.00

Production downtime

Avoided / SAVINGS $ 1,296,200

After cleaning. No breakdown has be found since the application of the 338 Super Rust Remover

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