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Increasing equipment reliability in oil and gas application


A customer was designing a gate valve for an Oil and Gas application. It would see a temperature range of -40C to 180C and maximum pressure of 138MPa. It would be exposed to crude oil, natural gas, and high concentrations of H2S and CO2. The customer had tried seals from competitors, but they were failing. Time was running out and they needed a solution.

Great valve before service


Chesterton specialists worked closely with the customer to intimately understand the application and propose a solution. Chesterton 100- Cantilever Spring-Energized Seals (SES) were developed for the equipment. The stem package consisted of an SES, hat ring to protect against seal lip damage, and backup ring for extrusion resistance. Inner and outer face seals were used in the seat for the sealing against the gate.

Chesterton Series 100- Cantilever Spring-Energized Seals


Chesterton was hands-on with seal installation and test preparation. Valve testing was conducted per API 6A Appendix F and PR2 qualified. The Chesterton Series 100- Cantilever Spring Energized Seals provided successful performance to this demanding standard at HPHT conditions. Due to successful testing and interactions, Chesterton secured the business for all stem and seat subassemblies.

API 6A PR2 Qualification


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