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Increasing chain life in food manufacturing plant


A canned coffee producer has encountered a problem with their transport chain. The chain life was only a year instead of more than 3 years because their chain lacked lubrication and ran under harsh conditions (water and alkaline cleaner). They also experienced shutdowns due to the chain breaking at least 10 times a month, which takes at least 1 hour to fix. Chain Cost for 300 meters was more than $113,00.00/year (300 meters) with a production loss of over $62,400.

Labor Cost
= USD 400/year
Total Cost
= USD 175,800/year

Chain before using Chesterton 660


Due to the requirement for sanitary operation in a very dusty environment, Chesterton 660 Silicone Lubricant was chosen to be used. 660 Silicone Lubricant provides a virtually tack free lubricating film ensuring that dust does not stick to the surface and hence protects the bearings.

660 is applied every 3 months.

Chesterton 660 cost = $1,390.00/year

Labour cost = $400.00/ year

Total cost = $1,490.00/ year

More about the Chesterton 660 Silicone Lubricant:

  • Complies with sections 178.3570, 181.28 and 178.3910 of FDA food additives regulations
  • Makes surfaces water resistant
  • Non-staining, fire-resistant, non-toxic
  • Long lasting


Chain after using Chesterton 660 Silicone Lubricant


After using Chesterton 660 Silicone Lubricant the customer reported:

Increased chain life from 1 to 4 years
No breakdown

SAVINGS = USD 174,310 / Year
Total Savings over Life of the Chain =
$ 697,240.00


After using 660, there was an increased chain life of more than 300%

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