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Increase MTBR on Oxygen Reactors with 377 CarbMax™ Packing


Oxygen Reactor requiring longer MTBR

Oxygen Reactor requiring longer MTBR

The Pulp and Paper industry is under pressure to reduce costs. They deal with large, critical rotating equipment that is predominantly sealed with packing and is therefore maintenance intensive. A paper mill in Sweden is seeing a short Mean Time Before Repair (MTBR) on their Oxygen Reactors and would like to aim for a packing MTBR of at least two years. Currently they are not able to reach this goal.


The customer decided to install Chesterton 377 CarbMax™ Packing on two of their Oxygen Reactors.

The Chesterton 377 CarbMax Packing is crafted from durable, continuous filament carbon yarns that are intricately woven into a dense packing with minimal relaxation following initial installation. This packing exhibits exceptional thermal conductivity, effectively dissipating frictional heat from the dynamic sealing surface to maintain cool and efficient operation.

377 CarbMax™ Packing

377 CarbMax™ Packing


In May 2021, Chesterton 377 CarbMax Packing was installed, and nearly a year later, no gland adjustments were required post-startup.

The prospect of achieving a two-year Mean Time Between Replacement (MTBR) target appears highly promising. This success not only eliminated the need to shut down the plant for gland readjustments but also contributed to maintaining a cleaner and more cost-effective plant environment due to its low leakage characteristics.

Running for almost one year without gland adjustments

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