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Improving wear protection in sand mold transfer pallets


The foundry at an Automotive company uses a casting process for ferrous and non-ferrous parts. Sand casts or molds are formed on site. The customer needed to replace the transfer pallets (weighing approximately 2 tons) regularly due to wear on the contact area with the transfer rails. After about two years of use, wear and tear occurred, requiring 200 new pallets needing to be produced and replaced. Better wear protection is required for the sand mold transfer pallets in sand mold casting plants.

Casting sand pattern box being filled


Replaceable plates were installed at the contact area of the conveyor rail. The Chesterton 787 Sliding Paste is applied monthly or as needed to permit easy sliding of the pattern boxes. The high Graphite and Moly content of 787 Sliding Paste fills surface flaws and leaves a long lasting, almost dry film.

Wear plates on bottom of pattern box


More about the Chesterton 787 Sliding Paste:

  • Pure, non-carbonizing synthetic base
  • Excellent water washout resistance
  • Non-fling, clinging lubricant



The pallets were changed with a replacement plate system with pallets coated in Chesterton 787 and used for 18 months with virtually no wear. Before this solution, approx. thirty pallets were replaced each year versus the current zero replacement. The pallets are in continuous use with regular checks.

Reduction in one year for 30 pallets

$ 1,533.00 per pallet x 30 = $46,000.00

Wear reduced by application of 787

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