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Improving concrete flooring in power plant


In the power plant, an area is dedicated to 50%NaOH and 33%HCL storage.

Frequently, trucks stop in front of the storage area for off-loading. Spills of these chemicals during off-loading operations and mechanical abuse caused by the weight of the trucks leads to concrete floor failure.

Customer wanted a solution that would provide long term chemical and mechanical resistance.


The concrete basement was completed with 28 days curing. The surface preparation was done with high pressure water. After priming with ARC 797, a minimum thickness 6mm of ARC 988 was troweled on the floor, in the afternoon (concrete temperature decreasing) to avoid out-gassing. Some metal areas were treated by roller with ARC S4+, on a Sa 2½ grit blasted surface.


Follow up after 6 years! Still in perfect condition!


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