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Hydrocyclone pump packing life improvement with SpiralTrac® Environmental Controller


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Premature packing failure due to solids embedding along the packing interface with the pump shaft.  This was causing the hydrocyclone to be drained, packing replaced and that section of the plant to be shutdown for 2 hours a week.

Typical Alumina HydroCyclone System

Products featured in this case study:

SpiralTrac® Environmental Controller – a unique patented throat bushing specially engineered to transform and control the internal stuffing box environment in rotating process equipment.

SpiralTracs are available in split form and various materials



Adding SpiralTrac to the stuffing box, prevents the solids from migrating across the packing, ensuring the packing retains its sealability and increases the life of the packing, reduces shaft sleeve wear and associated costs.

SpiralTrac® Environmental Controller:

  • Improves equipment MTBF
  • Reduces the amount of flush needed by 60% or more with the use of a flow controller
  • Reduces leakage to clean drip rate or better
  • Improves packing performance and extends packing life.

SpiralTrac rejects solids away from the packing


All amounts shown are in USD. 

Costs before:

Production loss: 16 tons at $100/ton x24 hrs/year  = $38,400.00
10 rows of packing/month x12 months x$48 ea row = $5,760.00
Maintenance time: 2hrs/week x52 weeks x$58/hr =  $6,032.00

Total cost of shutdowns = $50,192.00 / year / pump


Costs After:

SpiralTrac: $2,500

Production loss: 16 tons at $100/ton x2 hrs/year  = $3,200.00
18 rows of packing/year x$48 ea row = $864.00
Maintenance time: 1hrs/month x12 months x$58/hr =  $696.00

Total cost of shutdown = $4,760.00 / year / pump

ROI = 1.14 months ($45,432 saving / year / pump)

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