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Food and Beverage Chesterton Case Studies Bundle

Introducing a comprehensive booklet of innovation and excellence featuring compelling case studies from the front lines of the Food & Beverage industry. The challenges in the sector are unique as the environments are harsh on equipment, and they must still be sterile and food-safe. This balancing act creates unique pressures and issues within the industry, and these case studies explore these issues in detail. They also explore how Chesterton’s products for the Food and Beverage industry have offered game-changing solutions. Each page will showcase an array of real-world applications while exploring cutting-edge solutions that include:

  • Industrial Food-Grade Lubricants
  • Industrial Coatings to extend equipment life
  • Packing to extend MTBF
  • Engineered Polymer Seals that last longer than others
  • Mechanical Seals for strength and longevity

Each offers remarkable performance and proven effectiveness in tackling challenges within the sector. Even with every precaution in the world, equipment operating in a food and beverage plant is exposed to harsh conditions, including abrasion and corrosion, causing wear and tear on every operational element.

Discover how Chesterton’s innovative solutions can help change that with these real-life case studies that showcase the potential of each solution and can revolutionise how we protect and maintain Food & Beverage industry assets.

Download our Chesterton Food and Beverage Case Studies bundle here.

Discover how Chesterton Customseal can serve the Food and Beverage Industry.


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