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Eliminating vibration in MVR fan


The electric motor on a MVR Fan was on a preventative maintenance plan due to a high vibration problem. This meant the electric motor was sent for an overhaul every 6 months. The fan required a high temperature application of grease, which made manual greasing a hazardous task, hence the bearings were constantly under lubricated.

Audit cost per year = $7,700
(Bearing cost, labor cost and freight cost included.)

Equipment : ABB Motor for MVR Fan Bearing: 6310M/C3, 6316MC3VL0241,
Speed : 2981 rpm


Previously the plant had a good experience using the Chesterton 629 High Temprature White Grease (HTWG) in other areas of the plant. Due to the 629 HYWG being compatible with the existing grease and high temperature tolerant, they decided to install 2 Chesterton Lubri-cup EM with 629 HTWG Service Pack 250cc (set time to 6 months). The 629 HTWG also uses Chesterton QBT which means that bearing vibration would also improve.

Total cost = $1,000

2 Sets of Lubri-cup EM with 629HTWG have installed

About the Chesterton 629 HTWG:

  • Chemically stable, non-reactive with metal, rubber, and plastics
  • Virtually colorless
  • Complies with sections 178.3570 and 177.1550 FDA food additives regulations

The Chesterton 629 HTWG

About the Chesterton Lubri-Cup EM Series:

  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Best-in-class water and chemical washout resistance
  • QBT Quiet Bearing Technology
  • Automatic grease dispensing

Chesterton Lubri-Cup EM Series


After using the Chesterton Lubri-cup EM with 629 HTWG Service Pack 250cc, the bearing vibration greatly reduced and the motor was removed from the preventative maintenance schedule. Worker safety also increased due to no longer needing to manually lubricate the motor.

TOTAL SAVINGs = $7,700 – $1,000 = $6,700 / Yr

Motor for MVR Fan has increased reliability

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