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DualPac® 2211 Beats Out the Competition at Food Processing Plant


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In an effort to achieve more reliable sealing of a potato steam peeler, this food plant tried installing multiple types of packing in the hopes of finding one that would last. With their best contender only lasting two months before failure, Chesterton recommended the Chesterton DualPac® 2211 Packing Technology, and the MTBF increased astronomically!

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DualPac 2211 close up

DualPac 2211


A food plant tried multiple types of packing (PTFE, graphite, reinforced corners, etc.) to achieve more reliable sealing of potato steam peeler. The best MTBF they were able to achieve with other packing was two months before catastrophic failure when the packings needed to be completely replaced. The customer’s goal was to increase MTBF and reduce maintenance costs.

Operating conditions: Frequent, rapid pressurization 0 – 19 bar (0 – 80 psi) and rapid decompression 19 – 0 bar (280 – 0 psi). Bi-directional equipment.

Temperature: 212°C (415°F) Speed:18 rpm

A food plant wanted to achieve an increased MTBF.

A food plant wanted to achieve an increased MTBF.


The plant switched to Chesterton DualPac® 2211 packing.

Cross section of the installed DualPac® 2211

The DualPac installation process.


DualPac® 2211 packing performed the best of any packing they had ever tried in this equipment. The peeler has been running for 21 months to date without a repack and without any significant leakage.

An aerial photo of the plant still running 21 months after.

The fully operational food plant.

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Issued 06/21

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