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Diesel Storage Tank Pads Coated with ARC Concoction


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The pads of a diesel storage tank had eroded, causing grouting to fail and crack. When this occurs, tank leakage is a huge problem and it requires large-scale repairs to fix adequately. The client wanted to extend the life of their tank, and so Chesterton experts suggested a mix of three Chesterton ARC products to coat and protect the tank surface.

Products featured in this case study:

Chesteton ARC 858

Chesteton ARC 858

Chesteton ARC 51









Chesteton ARC 988

ARC 988


The pads of the diesel storage tank have eroded over time causing the grouting to fail and crack. Moisture has penetrated under the existing paint causing the tank wall to corrode. Possible tank leakage and the risk of slipping / tripping around the tank base due to delamination.

Root Cause

Poor selection and installation of the original tank grouting caused rainwater to penetrate the coating, starting the corrosion process.


Extend the life of the tank by eliminating the ingress of rainwater under the tank. Make sure the tank base is clean and free of hazards.

Tank pad before. treatment with Chesterton products.

Tank pad before.


After sandblasting the tank base, bund area and tank pads, inspections revealed no major damage to the tank.

  • Metal tank repair with ARC 858 material in some minor areas.
  • Then ARC S1 used as a primer and topcoat for the metal tank wall and pad area.
  • ARC 988 was used to coat the concrete base, ensuring it was completely sealed.
Tank pad AFTER ARC solution application.

Tank pad AFTER ARC solution application.


Repair and installation took place in 2010. 8-year inspection showed that the coating is still in very good condition, only cleaning is required.

Very satisfied with the result: the tanks are well protected even after eight years of exposure to weather. All nine on-site diesel storage tanks have been coated – all look good after eight years of service.


Cost of Chesterton ARC solution – tank repair and installation approx. $13,000 AUD per tank.

Cost of yearly tank repair before coating approx. $2000 AUD each tank (sweeping of delaminated tank and concrete, painting of remaining surfaces). 9 tanks totals approx. $18,000 AUD per year.

Recoat expected in 10 years, therefore saving will be over $60,000 AUD over the 10 year life.

Tank pad after 8 years from application.

Tank pad AFTER 8 years from application.

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