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Desulfurisation Piping at Fossil Power Plant in Korea


Case study APAC0025 – Chesterton products – Chesterton ARC Industrial Coating




A fossil power plant in Korea was suffering from abrasion wear on rubber linings due to slurry interference. Causing leakage, they were desperate for another solution. Chesterton specialists suggested using ARC BX2 to coat the piping, a wear-resistant coating designed to protect against sliding abrasion. With a simple application process, Chesterton specialists were able to apply the coating quickly and efficiently, and the customer is still appreciating the results today!

Products featured in the case study:

A big blue tub of Chesterton ARC BX2

Chesterton ARC BX2


A Fossil power plant in Korea, used rubber linings on the desulfurisation pipelines to prevent abrasion. After 12 months of use, abrasion occurred on the elbow, reducer and T-tube due to the influence of the slurry, resulting in leakage.

1. Minimise the impact of plant shutdown due to pipe replacement (labor and maintenance costs)
2. Extend ceramic coating lifespan to 24 months (OH cycle of 24 months for each plant) – currently less than 12 months

Chesterton specialists suggested the application of ARC BX2

Internal abrasion

The application of ARC BX2 is needed here

External abrasion.


Chesterton specialists suggested the application of ARC BX2 to the desulfurisation piping.

1. Cleaned all contaminants.
2. Made a roughness 75-125 microns by grit blasting.

Chesterton specialist applied ARC BX2 for abrasion resistance to the desulfurisation piping : 5mm

ARC BX2 is 100% solids, modified epoxy formulation, reinforced with a proprietary blend of ceramic beads and powders for fine particle, abrasive sliding wear environments.

ARC BX2 industrial wear-resistant coating is designed to:
• Protect areas exposed to moderate sliding abrasion
• Resurface damaged metal in lieu of more traditional weld overlays
• Replace ceramic tiles and rubber linings which can more easily disbond
• Easily apply by trowel

Chesterton ARC BX2 for abrasion resistance to piping.

Coated pipe.


With the application of Chesterton ARC BX2 Industrial Coating, we extended the rubber lining durability and reduced maintenance and labour costs. The customer was very satisfied with the results and the saving!

External view of Chesterton ARC BX2 application.

External view of Chesterton ARC BX2 application.

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Chesterton ARC Industrial Coating
ARC industrial coatings are engineered to protect metal and concrete surfaces from the damaging effects of abrasion, erosion, and chemical attack.

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Case Number APAC0025 – Issued 06/21

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