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Damaged Piston Surface Renewed Thanks to Chesterton Rod Seals!


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A client in the tire industry experienced damage to their piston seal surface due to their fiber-reinforced rubber V-stack seals. They came to Chesterton looking to reduce hydraulic oil fill volume and prevent leakage. Chesterton experts installed the Chesterton® 11K Rod Seal, a simple dual-component split seal that eliminates the need for constant disassembly. The customer was much happier with the results from this rod seal, and experienced reduced oil leaks as well as saving more than $130000 AUD over four years.

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Chesterton 11K Rod Seal


Oil leaking from the main ram.
Ram diameter = 600 mm.
A total of 42 rams is used for the main press.
The annual oil supply is 23,000 liters/year.

Root Cause
Piston surface damaged by fiber-reinforced rubber V-stack seals.

Reduce hydraulic oil fill volume and prevent oil leakage and ram surface damage.

Chesterton 11K Rod Seal


11K Red/Blue.
600mm x 640mm x 34mm.
Installed for 42 rams.

Chesterton® 11K Rod Seal
Patented simple dual component, split seal assembly for hydraulic sealing, eliminating the need for equipment disassembly.


Our solution reduced the oil re-supply volume.

11K Rod Seal installation.


Client Reported
Installed in 2005 for 42 rams.
Oil leaks from each piston have drastically reduced.
Seal MTBR extended from 24 months to 48 months.
Main press oil supply reduced from 23,000 l / year to 4,000 l / year (83% reduction).
No seal adjustment was required within 48 months.

$135000 AUD saved in four years.

Chesterton solutions reduce costs over time.

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