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Crane, Hoist Wire Rope Lubrication



  • Marine terminal depended on wire ropes for loading/unloading ships.
  • The wire ropes were subjected to highly corrosive salt air and airborne sand.
  • Terminal had been using a competing OEM recommended product to lubricate and protect against corrosion.
  • Goal: Provide a lubrication system to reduce the build up of dirt and give better corrosion protection.

    Crane cable lubricants dry out, trap dirt, and fail to prevent corrosion after 12 months.



  • Customer decided to make a side-by-side trial of Chesterton 601 and Chesterton 715 Spraflex® Gold vs. the currently used lubricant system on 2 cables on the same Terex® Gottwald crane.
  • The Chesterton 1-2 System cleans, penetrates, and seals the wire rope.
  • After 4 months, the trial revealed that the Chesterton 1-2 System was preventing corrosion and did not show the significant buildup of the competing lubricant (bottom left).

    A side by side trial with OEM Lubricant proves the value of the Chesterton 1-2 System on right.


  • The Chesterton 1-2 System of 601 Chain Drive, Pin and Bushing Lubricant, and 715 Spraflex® Gold has maintained the wire rope for 12 months with no signs of wear, build-up, or corrosion.
  • Based on the excellent results, the customer decided to lubricate all 6 Gantry Crane wire ropes, each being 500 m. (1650 ft.) total with Chesterton 601 and 715 Spraflex® Gold.

    Clean, lubricated and protected with Chesterton 601 and 715 Spraflex® Gold.

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