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Conveyor Chain, Lumber Mill



Wood sawing process creates dust, dirt, and adhesive pitch – residue that binds chain and creates abrasive wear. The chain was visibly stiff, noisy due to poor lubrication – resulting in high chain wear and increased electrical costs.

Lumber mill chains became stiff due to contamination.



  • Chesterton 601 Chain Drive, Pin and Bushing Lubricant penetrates to lubricate and clean the pin/bush inside of the chain.
  • The high detergency of this product prevents build up of wood fibers on the outside.

601 Chain Drive, Pin, and Bushing Lubricant cleans, lubricates, and frees up stiff chains.





  • Electricity savings: +4%
  • Chains are clean and chain life is extended
  • Improved worker safety and health by stopping petroleum oil from dripping on the floor.

Lower friction reduces energy consumption.

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