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Coal Cyclone – Patch Repair Chesterton® ARC BX1 and ARC MX1



Replacement tiles or cyclones are not readily available, meaning extensive downtime and production losses occur.

Root Cause

Engineered ceramic tiles fracture and disbond with the high impact from the reject coal.


Extend uptime and lower maintenance cost


Damaged and holed out cyclone bodies can be readily repaired by abrasive blasting and trowel applying Chesterton® ARC composites.
Chesterton® ARC BX1 and ARC MX1 are a fast and effective way to get the plant on line and can be force cured for even faster turnaround.

Chesterton® ARC BX1 and ARC MX1 industrial wear resistant coating are designed to:

  • Protect areas exposed to sliding abrasion
  • Resurface damaged metal in lieu of more traditional weld overlays
  • Replace ceramic tiles and rubber linings, which can disbond easily
  • Restore worn equipment to near original condition
  • Easily apply by

    Chesterton® ARC MX1

    Chesterton® ARC BX1


Client Reported

In this case, the coal preparation plant was back on line in 24 hours compared to several weeks for new replacements.
Repaired cyclones are now part of inventory, just in case a failure occurs; allowing huge downtime savings.
Recycling of old cyclones and repairing with our Chesterton® ARC composites, saves valuable time and money. Downtime savings, approximately $40,000 per hour.

Repaired cyclone body

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