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Chesterton Corrects Coatings in Chemical Processing Area of Mining Facility


Case study AU0009 – Chesterton ARC products – Industrial Coatings

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A client was dealing with old coatings cracking and failing and leaving floors badly damaged in a chemical processing area of a mining facility. Caused by leaks of acids and industrial chemicals, the client needed to find an alternative, long-lasting solution. Chesterton experts suggested a combination of three Chesterton® ARC products to protect the floors, drains and sumps. After more than 18 months, the client reported that the coatings were still in excellent condition with little-to-no damage.

Products featured in the case study:

Chesterton ARC 988.

Chesterton ARCCS2.

Chesterton ARCCS4.




Previous coatings, grouts and sealants had failed and left the floor badly damaged.

Root Cause

Drains, sumps and expansion joints exposed to various chemicals including sulphuric acid, caustic and other industrial chemicals.


Find a long lasting solution, maintenance free, non-slip finish providing chemical protection of the concrete.

Original state of the floor.


Previous coatings, sealants and damaged concrete were removed using grinding, abrasive blasting and water blasting. Heavily degraded areas, in the drains, sumps and around the expansion joints were rebuilt using Chesterton® ARC 988 quartz composite coating. Chesterton® ARC CS2 and Chesterton® ARC CS4 were used to protect the floors, drains and sumps.

Chesterton ARC 988.

Final coat of Chesterton ARC CS2 and ARC CS4.


After 18+ months, the coatings are in excellent condition. There is no decontamination or chemical attack of the coatings under constant foot traffic, forklift traffic and regular exposure to high concentrations of acids and other chemical solutions.

All the surfaces are regularly maintained and cleaned using automated floor cleaners and high pressure water blasting.

Floor after 18+ months.

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Case Study AU0009 – Issued 08/21

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