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Chesterton® ARC SD4i Protects Steel Saltwater Strainer from Corrosion and Abrasion


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Severe corrosion within a saltwater strainer from a blast furnace lead to replacement of the full strainer every two-to-three years. Our client wanted to find an alternative coating that could resist these forces, and reduce maintenance costs and replacement downtime. Chesterton specialists recommended Chesterton® ARC SD4i to protect the steel strainer. The client confirmed that the product provided long term corrosion protection in salt water applications, and the high gloss finish minimised unwanted build up.

Products featured in the case study:

Chesterton ARC SD4i.



Severe corrosion lead to replacement of the complete strainer every two-to-three years.


Find a solution to protect the steel strainer from corrosion and abrasion, increasing uptime and reducing maintenance costs.

Original state of strainer.


Our Australian distributor for Industrial and Protective Coating, Imatech, abrasive blasted and applied two coats of Chesterton® ARC SD4i ceramic composite coating at 300µ DFT per coat. Colour differentiation between coats allows for visual wear inspection.

ARC SD4i industrial coating is designed to:

  • Protect against corrosion and erosion
  • Provide extended protection in aggressive chemical immersion services
  • Apply by brush, roller, airless or plural component spraying

Product application.


Chesterton® ARC SD4i provides long term corrosion protection and abrasion resistance in salt water applications.

The high gloss smooth finish minimises build up.

Final result.

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Case Study AU0012 – Issued 08/21

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