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Case study AU0013 – Chesterton ARC products – Industrial Coatings

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The liners of the water boxes were found to be damaged with faulty coatings. The client was looking for a way to remove the existing coating and liners and find a new solution to extend the equipment life. Chesterton experts suggested two Chesterton ARC products, and, after proper preparation, clearing, and testing, the surface was deemed suitable for application. With a combination of the two products, the condenser was back in service with its life extended dramatically. The client requested Imatech to refurbish three more condensers with the products.

Products featured in the case study:

Chesterton ARC S2.

Chesterton ARC 858.



The liners in the water boxes were found to be damaged and the coatings delaminated. The internal walls of the steel water boxes were found to have deep pit marks in them.

Root Cause

The interface between the old and new coatings in the water boxes had suffered some delamination due to damp conditions.


Remove existing concrete liner and find a solution that can extend the life of the condenser.

Client power station.



The existing concrete liners from all six water boxes were removed with pneumatic jack hammers. The condenser tubes were plugged using 25 mm foam backer rods in order to protect them in this process. The internal walls of the boxes were then blasted using a garnet media. Large dark patches appeared on the steel walls, indicating the presence of salt. A test kit confirmed that the salt content was extremely high and required water blasting to remove.


The deep pit marks in the internal walls of the steel water boxes were repaired with Chesterton® ARC 858 ceramic composite compound. There were between 50 and 100 repairs carried out on each box. The welds were then striped with the first coat of Chesterton® ARC S2 using a brush. This was followed by spray coating all of the water boxes.

Once properly cured, a second striped coat was applied on the welds followed by a second spray coating application. The interface between the old and new coatings had suffered some delamination. This was attributed to the damp conditions caused by water seepage, due to a faulty inlet/outlet valve. A vacuum truck and a dehumidifier were brought in to take the dampness out of the chamber allowing the coating to properly cure.

Weld striping with Chesterton ARC S2.

High salt content to be removed by water blasting.


Client Reported

Once the material had dried out, a repair could take place allowing the condenser to be back in service and extending its life significantly. The client was pleased and wanted our Australian distributor for Industrial and Protective Coating, Imatech, to refurbish three more condensers in the next twelve months.

Refurbished condenser.

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