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Chesterton® ARC Concoction Gets Coal Sumps Back Up and Running


Case study AU0010 – Chesterton ARC products – Industrial Coatings

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A client within a coal washery was facing high sump replacement costs due to heavy corrosion caused by pitting and holes in the sump surface. Chesterton experts volunteered Chesterton® ARC products to solve the problem, and created a unique combination to fix this very specific set of problems. With one acting as a primer, one acting to regrade the holes, and another acting as a coating for the wall itself, the three products worked wonders. The new solution created a long-term finish with long-term results.

Products featured in the case study:

Chesterton ARC S2.

Chesterton ARC 858.

Chesterton ARC BX1.



Client is facing high sump replacement costs due to heavy corrosion.

Root Cause

Severe pitting and holes in the sump.


Find a long-term abrasion solution to extend uptime and lower maintenance costs.

Condition prior to regrading.                       Surface before Chesterton                                                                                              intervention.


Our Australian distributor for Industrial and Protective Coating, Imatech, primed holes with Chesterton® ARC S2, then regraded to wall thickness with Chesterton® ARC 858. The rest of the severe pitting was then troweled with Chesterton® ARC BX2.

All internal surfaces were then coated with two coats of Chesterton® ARC S2 providing a long-term abrasion resistant surface.

The two coat, two colour system allows for easy wear identification when inspecting the coatings.

Product application


Client Reported

Imatech water blasted the rust scales and the previous liner with ultra high pressure, then grit basted, regraded and lined the internals of the sumps with a combination of Chesterton® ARC 858, ARC BX2 and ARC S2 for a long term finish.

Final stages of coating.

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Case Study AU0010 – Issued 08/21

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