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Chesterton® 11K Rod Seal Extends Life of Cylinder in Steel Industry


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A client in the steel industry was struggling to maintain productivity due to a cylinder requiring continuous maintenance caused by overheating. The client wanted to extend the life of the cylinder by increasing the reliability of seal function. Chesterton’s solution included a couple of our trustworthy products, including the Chesterton® 11K Rod Seal, 21K Wiper, 19K, and R8K. The client reported results speak for themselves, and our solution is still lasting to this day.

Products featured in the case study:

The unique Chesterton® 11K split seal with dual material combination and spacer

Chesterton 11K

Chesterton 21K

Chesterton 19K

Chesterton 8K



In a hot steel extrusion process (where the cylinder rod is connected to the hot press), the cylinder requires continuous maintenance because the piston seals overheat causing leakage.

Root Cause

Glass dust and metal chips tear up the seals. Unbalanced load is also generated due to the horizontal installation and cylinder misalignment.


Extend the life of the cylinder (due to the difficulty in disassembling the equipment) by increasing the reliability of the piston seal and eliminating malfunctions.

Suggested sets.


This environment has glass dust and metal chips but the OEM cylinder has no wiper seal which resulted in a vertical scratch along the side of the piston. The current piston seal is a V-packing.

Chesterton’s solution is to install a Rod Seal P11K (in Chesterton AWC800/825 material), which does not require retightening of the piston part, a 21K wiper, 19K and R8K seals to improve sealing performance.

Chesterton’s top-quality seal solutions.


Client Reported

Shutdowns have been reduced from 3 times a year to 2 times a year without internal leaks through the piston.


Conventional maintenance costs (in USD)

Labor cost : $35 x 8 Hours x 5 technical personal = $1,400

Seal Cost :$3,900 $5,300 x 3 times = $15,900 per year

New maintenance costs

Labor cost :$35x8Hourx5men=$1,400

Seal Cost : $4,200 $5,600 x 2 times = $11,200 per year

Total Savings = $4,700 per year

Chesterton 11K Rod Seal

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Case Study APAC0037 – Issued 08/21

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