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Chesterton® 11K Rod Seal Eliminates Cylinder Leakage in Rubber Crawler Manufacturing


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A Japanese client working in the rubber manufacturing industry was experiencing consistent damage to his lip seal thanks to a scratched cylinder ram. Their goal was to eliminate leakage and reduce the frequency of seal replacement. Their current rate of replacement was every six months, and they found this was not sustainable. Chesterton suggested the Chesterton® 11K Rod Seal.

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The unique Chesterton® 11K split seal with dual material combination and spacer

Chesterton 11K



In the vulcanization process of a rubber crawler manufacturing plant, the press cylinder OEM seal was a rubber V-seal with fabric reinforcement. The cylinder ram was scratched causing the existing seal to leak which needed replacement every six months.

Root Cause

The existing lip seal was damaged due to the scratched ram and premature leakage occurred.


Eliminate cylinder leakage and reduce the frequency of seal replacement even when the ram is scratched.

Profiles available to solve problem.


Chesterton® 11K Rod Seal

Single-acting, two-part unit recommended for use in hydraulic cylinders and presses. The unique, split design eliminates the need for equipment disassembly and shimming. The simplified design reduces friction and wear as observed in conventional elastomer V-ring assemblies. The net effect is an improvement in the life of the equipment.

  • General mineral oil
  • Oil temperature 60C
  • Pressure 16MPa

Conventional seal: Rubber V packing with cloth
Selected seal: 11K 480mm X 520mm X 45mm AWC800 / 805 split

AWC800 material.


Client Reported

The Chesterton solution was installed in July 2016 and left to run over 6 months. After this time, the customer was satisfied with the seal’s performance and the same Chesterton solution was applied for the remaining equivalent sized rams. All are still working and running perfectly even with ram scratches.

Customer impression: “Easy to assemble, effectively improved the life of the equipment. No leaks after five years, even if there are scratches. Great product.”

Chesterton 11K Rod Seal


11K Rod Seal design.

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Case Study APAC0034 – Issued 08/21

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