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800 GoldEnd Tape Stops Leakage on Oxygen Gas Cylinders



Medical-grade oxygen gas is explosive and very hazardous. Gas cylinders are typically sealed with pure PTFE tape wrapped 5 – 8 times around the threads. Yet, the tape often shreds and tears, resulting in leaks and requiring special procedures to repair the leaking joint.

3D Isolated Oxygen Tank. Hospital equipment illustration.



Chesterton 800 GoldEnd® Tape is pure PTFE, ultra-high density, and meets Air Liquide (France) and BAM (German) certification for oxygen-safe sealing.

800 GoldEnd Tape requires only 1.5 – 2.5 wraps to get a leak-free seal.

800 GoldEnd Tape was chosen for its ability to resist tearing and shredding.



Gas Joint Seal Improvements

Due to the fitting’s length and width, 0.75-inch wide 800 GoldEnd Tape was used to seal the joint. The depth of the “gas tight” threads required 2.5 wraps to fill the threads properly. Due to the ultra-high density of 800 GoldEnd Tape, one spool of 0.75 X 540 inches was sufficient to seal 50 gas cylinder valves compared to the 4 – 5 spools required of a typical PTFE tape. After sealing the cylinders, no leaks were observed throughout the operation.

800 GoldEnd Tape has been recognised as an industry standard for oxygen thread sealing.

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