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October 20, 2021

Addressing Abrasion Protection With Chesterton® ARC Coating Solutions

Category: Mining

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Metal fatigue is one of the primary causes of asset failure, requiring extensive repair and replacement. It’s also one of the main culprits of costly unplanned downtime and a major concern for worker safety.

Associated damage caused by the movement of abrasive materials include:

  • Chemical attack: This eats away at the integrity of various metal structures.
  • Gouging: Whereby deep grooves are worn into metal surfaces.
  • Low-stress scratching: Causing small grooves and furrows.
  • Grinding: Tiny fractures in the surface, such as those found in crushers.

The answer to reducing this ongoing damage is the application of an advanced protective coating. This can be applied both at new asset implementation and/or when refurbishment is carried out during the equipment’s lifecycle.

A drawing showing the benefits of ARC SolutionsThere is a wide variety of Chesterton ARC solutions to suit all mining, mineral processing and other applications where abrasion and corrosion reduces longevity and efficiency. The cost of applying such a protective coating is only a fraction of what it would be to replace worn equipment or incurred costs during downtime, which were originally built into the life cycle cost of an asset. Strategic use of ARC coatings offers three distinct advantages:

  • Extend asset lifespan.
  • Improve production.
  • Increase worker safety.

Advances in technology have brought coating options that are highly efficient at protecting and preventing abrasion damage and are also affordable and easy to apply.

ARC Solutions for the Protection of Metal Equipment and Assets

Ceramic reinforced epoxy/urethane hybrid coatings: ARC BX and MX series: this solution protects from moderate to severe impact and sliding abrasions, such as slurry and dry treatment transport systems. This includes slurry pumps, sumps, screen decks and discharge chutes.

Different products from Arc Solutions

Ceramic and glass flake reinforced coatings: ARC S and BX Series: Protects against sliding abrasion and chemical attacks, such as that found in discharge sumps and hydro cyclones.

Ceramic reinforced epoxy and epoxy/urethane hybrid coatings: ARC CX, BX and MX series: Effective against concentration/de-watering damage, including that found in slurry pumps, piping and other transport equipment.

Modified epoxy formulation, reinforced with ceramic beads and powders: ARC S, BX and MX series: Robust separating protection for process equipment where sliding abrasion and/or chemical corrosion is a factor. Examples include underflow pumps, transport pumps, and holding, mixing tank and clarifier walls.

Imatech (imatech.com.au) is the Chesterton exclusive ARC coating distributor for Australia, which offers solutions for moderate, severe and extreme abrasions scenarios.

Taking a proactive approach to abrasion protection can dramatically increase the reliability of assets, not to mention extensive savings that can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. In addition, the increased reliability also provides enhanced safety for workers. This translates into multiple employee advantages, including job desirability, worker retention and staff satisfaction.

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